Have you ever left your RTANZ newsletter on the end of your desk, meaning to pass information on to your staff and drivers, only to find it weeks later when it is out of date?

RTANZ and CCS Logistics have developed the answer to this problem. CCS TV is a screen mounted in your staff room which displays the RTANZ news and updates that are relevant to your drivers and operational staff.

Scrolling through news such as health and safety updates, changes to roadside facilities, traffic and roading issues, the screens will keep your drivers up to date with the changing environment out there and can also be used to display your own company news or performance reports.

You get:

  • All RTANZ national and regional updates relevant to drivers and operational staff
  • Up to date operating conditions
  • Safety information
  • Compliance requirements
  • Summary RTANZ newsletter content

The offer:

  • Use your N3 membership (which you get with your RTANZ membership) to purchase a suitable* TV direct through Noel Leeming.
  • One off setup cost of $650.00 + GST per screen
  • $200 per month + GST for the first screen in your business
  • Additional screens on the same invoice: $150 per month + GST

* CCS Logistics will supply the minimum TV specification to you

Why not upgrade and add the following to your display?

  • Local news
  • Company newsletters
  • In house performance reports

For a demonstration of how this will look click here


For more information, or to place your order, please email rtanz@ccslogistics.co.nz or call CCS Logistics on 03 348 2048