Fleet Opportunities

Do you run a fleet of trucks, machines, vans, diggers, pool vehicles, tools of trade, specialist mobile equipment or dump trucks?

What could you be saving?

GPS for Efficiencies

We have developed the TrucKing programme to help you leverage your existing GPS system for better fleet efficiencies.

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5 Reasons Why GPS Projects Fail

Why collecting data isn’t enough to boost your performance …


Avoid these common pitfalls

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Welcome to our fresh approach to making a difference.

CCS Innovation in Logistics is New Zealand's only Independent Vehicle Fleet Performance Support Office dedicated to leveraging GPS and transport technology.

If you have GPS in your vehicle fleet, but think that it should be delivering so much more to your business, we are here to help.

At CCS Logistics we are committed to helping you to get more from your existing GPS system. We don't sell, supply, or take commissions for recommendations regarding GPS systems. We work for you, the customer, to help you to get results from your GPS that will make a real difference in your operation.

No matter what your goal, if it involves a GPS Fleet management system, and a fleet of vehicles, we will bring our experience and enthusiasm to mix and mingle with your operational knowledge and we will develop a workable plan to enable you to achieve your business challenges.