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At CCS Logistics we use your existing GPS or vehicle telematics data as a basis to deliver a continuous improvement programme for your fleet. We help you to target improvements in fuel economy, risk management and driver engagement.

Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or a general desire to improve, we have a support level to suit.

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Have you ever left your RTANZ newsletter on the end of your desk, meaning to pass information on to your staff and drivers, only to find it weeks later when it is out of date?

CCS Logistics and RTANZ have teamed up to provide a version of our popular CCS TV for RTANZ Members.

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When fuel represents 20% of your costs, a focus on improving fuel efficiency will positively affect your profit. Saving fuel requires consistent effort, but our services accelerate your progress – see how we have helped others save fuel

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Operator Rating System

The ORS reflects your commitment to compliance and your drivers’ on road behaviour significantly affects your score. See how we can simplify the process of identifying and improving the actions of the public ambassadors of your fleet to maintain or improve your ORS.

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Health and Safety

The vehicle is recognised as a workplace in the H&S Act. Failing to manage the risk carries increasingly severe penalties, not least the harm and time off work for your staff. Recognising the risk is the first step – see how we can help embed safety management in your fleet.

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Insurance Premiums

Sell your risk profile to your insurer. When you reduce the risk in your fleet, the likelihood of a serious crash diminishes, but your premium stays high for another 2-3 years. – See how we can help to manage your insurance premiums.

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Driver Culture

Engaging that part of your staff that you rarely see can be a challenge but pays massive dividends. Gamification encourages drivers to compete to be the best – see how we can get you started.

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Are your assets working as hard as you think they are? Unproductive idling escalates cost and shortens the life of your fleet. – See how our Goal manager programme can help.

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Do you have the right number of vehicles? Could your fleet costs be reduced by smarter management of your vehicle assets? Talk to us to see how Goal Manager can help you to understand your optimum fleet size.

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Looking for opportunities?

Share a month of your data with us and we’ll benchmark you against other operators and show you where and HOW we can help your fleet to improve.
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TrucKing – Saving, Reducing, Preventing;


Saving, Reducing, Preventing;

Meet your improvement goals with our monthly insight, 5 point action plans, and liaison with your line managers …

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Measuring Success

Driver incentive programme? Or just want a numerical indicator of improvements for insurance or compliance obligations?

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Increase Driver Awareness

Getting the latest messages out to your drivers can be hard when they are based in satellite depots and working shifts. CCS TV puts the writing on the wall, quite literally.
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Who is CCS Logistics?

Continuous Improvement is important to every business, but day to day activity can crowd out the time required to plan to do things better. CCS Logistics understand this so we’ve designed our services to allow you to get started TODAY.

Our TrucKing continuous improvement programme uses your existing GPS Fleet Management data to highlight opportunities and suggest activities which will allow you to Save fuel and insurance premiums, Reduce risk and Prevent non compliance from undermining your business success.

Our experience working with fleets all over NZ means that we can help you see the pitfalls before you experience them, take the shortcuts to success instead of following in the circuitous footsteps of those who have tried it before you, and help to keep your eye on the prize when the path seems too hard.

Your dedicated CCS Logistics’ customer coach is always on hand to analyse, interpret, motivate and direct you and your fleet managers to ensure that you too are equipped to deliver tangible savings and improvements to your bottom line.

What our clients have to say

Results : Improvement

The results are good, and we still have more to do.

We have a plan

"We started slowly, and soon realised that chipping away at things “little and often” really does work."

Better Compliance

"We have changed our relationship with the authorities for the better."

Foodstuffs North Island

“This programme sells itself” – Blair Inglis, Foodstuffs NI

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

300 tonnes saved in Year 2 of TrucKing.

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Do you want to know how many of these gains are possible in your fleet? Ask us about our No Obligation Healthcheck

Fuel Savings

10 – 20 litres of fuel saved per day

Cost Neutral

This is a good investment – the programme is cost neutral even before 92% reduction in open road overspeeds


Do you want to know how many of these gains are possible in your fleet? Ask us about our No Obligation Healthcheck

TrucKing Drives Us

The programme really drives us, the results are good and we still have more to do.

ACC Fleetsaver

Gold status achieved


Do you want to know how many of these gains are possible in your fleet? Ask us about our No Obligation Healthcheck

What we have achieved

Idling time down by 40%

Windscreen claims down from 23 in 2013 to just 4 in 2014

Up to 7000 litres of fuel saved each month

92% reduction in open road speed events

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