People drive like idiots. For those that drive every day for their job, this comes as no surprise. For those fortunate enough to largely stay off the road and locked in an office, the dash camera footage seems vaguely titillating, like a police TV series, because surely, that’s not real life?

As the freight task grows, truck sizes grow and truck driver availability gets more scarce, we’re losing some much needed role models on the road.

All behaviour is learned. Perhaps 10% of driving skills are gathered pre test, everything else is gathered through observation and copying the habits of other road users.

Regulating the standard of private drivers is not easy, but we all have a role to play in providing positive examples of good driving, patience, courtesy and speed management, including safe overtaking.

Regulating the standard of driving by our professional drivers is much more achievable:
– We have data collected from the trucks – GPS, Engine management and other telemetry data
– We hold regular tool box / safety meetings with drivers
– We have a moral obligation as an employer to bring drivers home safely to their families
– We have a legal obligation through the log book rules and the updated Health & Safety at Work act

Here at CCS Logistics, we’ve been working with a large fleet that has been established for many years, many staff and drivers have been employed for over 10 years with the same company. Their fleet performance has turned around in 4 short months. This is a fleet that has decided it is time to do their bit and has set down a clear expectation for their drivers. The drivers have stepped up. The trend for their safety statistics over this time are really impressive.

This is not the only fleet who has a prominent presence in their local region. I applaud these guys for taking a stand, not just for their own needs, but as a step towards lifting the standard of driving in their region. They are speaking openly about their changes with other fleets to share their mission, but also to learn from the experience of others as, like drivers, fleets can learn from the example of others. It’s never too late to make a difference, and this fleet are raising the bar for the next chapter of their work.

We need more and more fleets to set and monitor safety standards within their own operation. Clear standards provide a safe framework for inexperienced drivers and make it easier for them to become the role models we need. Let’s flood the roads with driving professionals to show private drivers how it can be done. This is not a facebook campaign, this is real life, and death, and we can each make a difference every time we get behind the wheel.

We have to stop the road toll. Already in January 2017, 29 people have died.
Let’s make sure it doesn’t escalate into a 300+ count by the end of the year.
Driving today? Do your bit.
If you need a hand to get your fleet programme underway, please get in touch.