TrucKing Programmes

At CCS Logistics, we have a range of options to deliver a continuous improvement programme for your fleet. We analyse and interpret your GPS data to help you to improve fuel efficiency, reduce running costs, optimise fleet utilisation and increase driver engagement. Below are our core programmes, which can be customised to suit your needs.

Each of these options can also be combined with FLEETScore for ease of tracking progress or CCS TV to ensure great communication to your teams.




Looking For Opportunities

Our Healthcheck is a no obligation starting point which helps you to evaluate and prioritise the opportunities for improvement in your fleet. We analyse and interpret one month of data from your existing GPS or telematics system and your fuel transaction lists to provide you with feedback on how your fleet fuel efficiency, driver behaviours and on road risk compare to similar fleets on the road.

The Healthcheck allows you to experience what it feels like to be a customer cared for by CCS Logistics and gives you valuable feedback on your current fleet performance too.

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CCS Goal Manager

Goal Manager

Planning Support

Goal Manager has been designed to support an in house programme of improvement.

We kick off Goal Manager with a goal setting workshop to establish priorities, then we use your existing GPS system to provide visibility to all levels in your organisation of how effectively your activities are supporting continuous improvement.

Leverage our experience in:

  • Goal setting
  • Establishment of KPIs
  • Scheduled performance reporting
  • Celebrating success!

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TrucKing System - Sustainable SuccessTrucKing

Sustainable Success

Our TrucKing programme has been designed to accelerate the results you can get from your fleet. Your operations managers’ time is in short supply, and is best used on the ground making a difference. Leverage our experience and efficiencies to turn your data into an effective action plan to nail your fleet performance goals. Unlock your potential faster with our passionate commitment to:

  • Goal setting
  • At – a – glance reporting
  • Interpretation notes
  • 5 point action plan
  • Celebrating success!

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CCS Incubator


Intensive Support

Manage your exceptions more effectively with our Incubator service. Once we have agreed what is the acceptable threshold for your fleet, we provide a daily or weekly summary of events which breach that threshold with context relating to previous driver feedback received or given.

Enables operational manager to respond in a timely way to manage unacceptable behaviour.

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Fuel NozzleFuel Management Support

So much is written about the ease of achieving double digit improvement in fuel efficiency. We have supported customers to make these changes too, but we know that attention to detail is paramount.

Small incremental changes, clear guidance for users, attention to detail and accurate reporting is required to make a difference. In conjunction with our other services, we offer:

  • Fuel data cleaning
  • Fuel policy guidance
  • Fuel reporting:
    • Management fuel saved reports
    • Fuel trend reports by depot or division
    • Fuel tables showing history for each individual truck

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